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Raising Awareness at the London Boat Show of the Importance of Kill Cord Usage

Raising Awareness at the London Boat Show of the Importance of Kill Cord Usage

To raise further awareness of the importance of using kill cords on powerboats, RIBs and PWCs, Icom UK will be adding an RYA kill cord sticker to each radio product sold at the London Boat Show.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, ‘Accidents do happen on the water and in 2013 some of them proved to be fatal. It’s really important that we are all aware of the safety implications of not wearing a kill cord and that we always ensure that it is securely attached to the driver of the boat. …these stickers will help to remind people.

The advice is:

• Test kill cords regularly to ensure that the engine stops when the kill cord mechanism is operated.
• Make sure that the cord is in good condition.
• Always attach the cord securely to the driver around the thigh, ideally before the engine is started but certainly before the boat is put into drive.
• Stop the engine before transferring the kill cord to another driver.
• When replacing a cord make sure you buy a manufacturer’s genuine replacement item.

More information about how to properly attach, use and maintain a kill cord is available on the RYA website, including posters to put up at your club:

Icom UK will be on stand B172 at the London Boatshow 2014.

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