ReesLeisure Use Icom Two Way Radios for Sports Event Management

ReesLeisure Use Icom Two Way Radios for Sports Event Management

Organising large scale running events is a complex task managing the welfare and expectations of thousands of participants and areas that have to be closed temporarily for public use. It is not just the entrants that have to be looked after. The Marshalls, support staff, emergency responders, and management team and the vast number of spectators and concessions that may be on route all need considering.

ReesLeisure based in Hampshire organise a diverse portfolio of events from Triathlons to the ABP Southampton Marathon with 10,000 runners. The company consult on and also complete full event management for city councils and have organised beaches, sailing events, the switching on of Christmas lights and COVID secure events. The company is run by brother and sister Chris and Nikki Rees who both enjoy actively participating in running, cycling, sailing and triathlons too. Having dependable two way radio communication between all stakeholders is important. That is why ReesLeisure choose Icom radios supplied by 2CL Communications .

Chris Rees said, ‘Our company ethos is to utilise the local environment for the local community's health, wealth and well-being. We love creating moments for people to share and ensuring our competitors have a sense of accomplishment for all their hard work in training.’

‘Our largest event, the ABP Southampton Marathon, has 10,000 runners in a busy city centre environment. We recruit over 800 marshals and volunteers from over 40 local community groups. With our operation we can be very nimble and scale up or down depending on the event. Some events may have just our team and a small group of volunteers or our large events will host Emergency services, local council representatives and a huge inter-agency approach.’

He added, ‘Our teams can cover over 100 km, especially for our cycling events. Instant and clear communication is key at all times. We spend our time planning these events down to the minute. It is vital we can communicate in normal operating procedures and even more so in an emergency situation.’

‘On event days there is a huge amount of pressure on our team to deliver. Race day means specific start times and even a small delay can have consequences. We are prepared for any eventuality and over the years our teams have been tested with our emergency responses.’

‘Communication is vital within our team from ensuring blue lights can clear courses, traffic management closing correct roads, marshals ensuring swimming pools are clear, yachts are out of danger and even contact with drones and photographers, the press and sponsors. Icom LTE/PoC radios have been incredible at our events. We have multiple channels operating including specific channels for traffic, volunteers, medical emergencies, and the Race HQ team. The radios have to last for long periods of time, maybe 18 hours and cover huge areas geographically. These lightweight, easy-to-use Icom radios have been a lifesaver. Having confidence you can reach your emergency medical services from anywhere on the course helps to take pressure off of us stressed event organisers.’

Chris said, ’As events gradually return and grow in size, clear communication and a nimble workforce will be key to dealing with any situations. Icom radios and headsets will be a key part of our event planning whether we are co-ordinating bikes, boats, or runners back in mass sporting events.’

To find out more about ReesLeisure and the events they manage, visit the ReesLeisure website.

To get two way radio support for your next event or to find out more about the Icom LTE/PoC radio system please call 0800 389 2278, email or visit the 2CL Communications Ltd website.


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