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New Video: ‘Reviewing the ID-50E Dual Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver'

New Video: ‘Reviewing the ID-50E Dual Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver'

We have added a new video to our YouTube channel about our latest handheld radio designed for Amateur radio customers. In this video, Bob McCreadie (G0FGX) from TX Films provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand overview of Icom's latest Dual Band D-STAR transceiver, the ID-50E. In the video, he provides an introduction to this radio and many tips on how to use it.

In the video Bob…

• Describes some of the similarities and differences between the ID-50E and its bigger brother, the ID-52E
• Demonstrates how to operate the ID-50E and its features/settings.
• Provides an overview of the ID-50E's D-STAR capabilities.
• Explains how to work with channels/memories
• Demonstrates how to send pictures via the ST-ID50A Android Application Software

Click ‘Reviewing the ID-50E Dual Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver' to view this film.

For more details about the ID-50E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver, visit the ‘ID-50E Product Page’.

For more information about TX Films and their video programme dedicated to the great hobby of Amateur Radio, visit

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