ATEX PTT Solution for Icom ATEX Radios

The SWATCOM A-KABEL ATEX Headset and PTT will work with our range of IC-F3202DEX and F4202DEX series of ATEX radios.

The A-Kabel ATEX AK6850i Press-to-talk (PTT) switch has been designed for use with a heavy-duty headset and is suitable for use in the most demanding environments such as the oil, gas, mining or chemical installations.

This new ATEX headset solution is manufactured and tested in compliance with EN 60079-0: 2009 and EN 60079-11: 2012 and Directive 2014/34/EU and meets ATEX Ex ib IIC T4. The product is evaluated and found in compliance with Standard EN 60079-0:2012.

All metal parts are stainless steel for increased durability and can be easily attached to the headset. The A-KABEL Heavy Duty PTT switch connects within a protective lip on the headset to ensure a good moisture resistant seal with the PTT.

• All metal parts are stainless steel for increased durability
• All cables are manufactured for long life. The coiled leads are tested for 1,000,000 flexions
• External cables and connectors have moulded waterproof strain relief

  • IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX Series
    The IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX ATEX digital two way radio series meets IEC Ex/ATEX based I/S specifications for the oil, mining and chemical industries. In dPMR digital format the IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX ATEX Digital Series provides basic conventional operation as well as a dPMR Mode 2 multi-site radio system. The radio also features lone worker and man down functions which automatically send an emergency signal should a worker be in trouble, an extra consideration for those looking for a complete ATEX health and safety solution.
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