South East Airshow Use Icom Digital Two Way Comms

South East Airshow Use Icom Digital Two Way Comms

As a supporter of local events, Icom UK was keen to support the massively popular South East Air show held on the seafront in Herne Bay. The event saw an estimated 80,000 people watch a mixture of vintage and historical aircraft take to the skies including the world famous Red Arrows.

The event held on Saturday 19th August 2017, saw Icom supplying IC-F4102D UHF two-way digital radios for all the organisers and supporters including the Coastguard, British Red Cross, event safety officers, senior stewards and other key personnel on the ground.

A TRP transportable/mobile digital repeater was supplied to improve radio range across the whole Herne Bay seafront. An IC-F5022M marine base station was used for communication with safety offices offshore.

Gerald McCarthy, Senior Organiser of the Southeast Air Show 2017 said, ‘From our perspective, the event was a fantastic success. 80,000 people attended, and there were relatively few incidents and no major incidents. Our communications were enhanced by the fact that Icom were able to supply digital two way radios for the event.

He added, ‘The radios were flawless and crystal clear over a good two miles line. The radios were hugely important because there were a few minor medical incidents that we had to deal with and when you have that clarity of audio it just makes things so much easier.’

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