Talking Headsets, Providing Headset Solutions for Two Decades

Talking Headsets, Providing Headset Solutions for Two Decades

Founded in 2000, Talking Headsets are a company that supply a comprehensive range of headset solutions to a broad range of industries. The company work closely with major manufacturers such as Icom ensuring that both commercial and consumer requirements are centre stage. When a requirement isn't an easy off the shelf solution, they can typically provide a bespoke solution to satisfy the customers' needs.

Over two decades, the company has diversified its range from its main safeguarding products aimed at the hunting and shooting markets into broader sectors in maritime, aviation and industry.

Russ Billings MBE, General Manager of Talking Headsets said, ‘Talking Headsets has now developed its business into other sectors, including maritime where they work closely with Helmet manufacturers like Gecko. The company is also heavily involved in the commercial, marine and aviation sectors with Icom. It is also continuing to develop applications where there is a need to support health and safety regulation and communications at the same time.’

He added, ‘The company are continually diversifying and are working with larger organisations like Network Rail and their subcontractors for safety communications on the railways. We are also working with various agencies that work on the motorways and road network to organisations whose workers work up in pylons or down in sewers. We have an enormous range that supports almost all applications.’

The market for headsets for two way radio is continuously evolving with changes in legislation being the most significant driver. Russ said, 'where there is a severe incident in a workplace/environment, health and safety legislation tends to follow. For instance, there are many different pitches in sound that require different audio protection above the norm which means it is mandated to have hearing protection as well as have communications at the same time.'

Talking Headsets stock a wide inventory of products that include:

  • Cupped headsets that cover the entire ear
  • Headsets solutions that go around the ears but don’t necessarily go over the ears.
  • Headsets that go in the ears e.g. if you are working with RPE respiratory systems with your head wholly covered they can provide communications where you actually transmit/receive audio through your ear canal. So you are not speaking out of your mouth, you are speaking via your ear.
  • Bone conduction headsets which are used by the fire service which is used in many cases where they are having to communicate via a skull microphone in the helmet.
  • Covert equipment used by security teams, so covert you cannot see the communication or device because it is hidden.
  • Hearing protectors, visors, FM-Radios, level-dependent hearing protectors and a wide range of communication headsets and accessories.

Regarding working with Icom, Russ said, 'We appreciate the working relationship we have with Icom. The Icom brand itself is a market-leading brand. Their two-way radio products are rugged, durable and as operationally effective as most other two-way radio manufacturing brands. Secondly, what is unique about working with Icom UK is the good relationship we have with them. We appreciate their ability to communicate, understand, support and, listen.'

'Like Icom UK we place an importance on listening and good customer service. We have an excellent reputation in all our trading sectors. Whether trade customer or end-users we invariably have our customers coming back to us for product support and information support.’

Russ said, ‘If a customer has a specific requirement and it isn’t listed on our website, nine times out of ten we can help them. There are occasions where the demand of the customer hasn’t been developed yet or doesn’t exist but in nearly all circumstances we will be able point them to a solution to meet their requirements.’

He added, 'If someone has a headset or PPE requirement they should visit our website or our dedicated Swatcom website where they will find an extensive range of off the shelf solutions. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for contact our team on 01243 375708 or


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