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Temporary Tokyo Hamfair D-STAR Repeater Site Information

Temporary Tokyo Hamfair D-STAR Repeater Site Information

As well as the amazing launches being made by Icom Inc. at the Tokyo Hamfair, there is a temporary D-STAR repeater site operating for two days from August 20th-21st 2016.

Details are as follows:

Temporary D-STAR repeater site information
Callsign : JP1YJJ Frequencies :
439.25MHz (DV) JP1YJJ A
1291.31MHz (DV) JP1YJJ B
439.07MHz (DV) JP1YJJ C (used only within the Hamfair site) 1270.625MHZ (DD / Local IP:

For more information about the Tokyo Hamfair, visit: Tokyo Hamfair Website.

For more information about D-STAR read out article What is D-STAR?

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