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The Adventures of Zack and Max The Odyssey Begins

 The Adventures of Zack and Max The Odyssey Begins

Icom UK Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of their first UK Amateur Radio comic 'The Adventures of Zack & Max'. The comic follows Zack and his father and his introduction to the hobby of Amateur Radio on holiday. The story is designed to provide basic information about Amateur radio; give a glimpse into its history; its applications; and its relevance in the world today... but in a fun and contemporary way.

On the reverse of the comic are details of how youngsters can get into the hobby of Amateur radio including details of societies, magazines and where to buy the Amateur Radio equipment.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager at Icom UK Ltd said,' Whether you’re a student or an adult, this book tells a story about Amateur Radio which we hope you will read again and again. If you do find it interesting and informative, please pass it on to a friend!'

If you intend to put on a special event station, intend visiting schools or clubs contact Icom Marketing at and we will send you a quantity of comics to circulate (subject to demand). The comic is also available in the download section of our website at

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