The Benefits of a PMR446 Licence Free Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio

The Benefits of a PMR446 Licence Free Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio

PMR446 Walkie talkies have been around for a number of years now. Consumers and businesses recognize the advantages that good comms can bring and that these radios offer effective and general purpose communications at low cost.

The great thing about PMR446 is that it can be used by anybody, anywhere – licence free!! These radios are an ideal tool for all sorts of users for example in construction, catering, facility management, factories, farms. A family could use them whilst walking or taking the kids out on the bike.

PMR446 Walkie Talkies are simple. There are generally only a few buttons making them very easy to use. There is no need for a licence, no call charges, no need to pass a test and no airtime contract. They can even be used in many EU countries; however we do suggest that you should check that the relevant countries have implemented all PMR446 legislation.

PMR446 Walkie talkies are less expensive than conventional licenced two way radio equipment. Ranging from the very cheapest which are suitable for leisure use through to the more expensive units which are ideal for professional business applications. The power source of Walkie Talkies can vary from basic models using AA cells through to commercial grade models using Li-ion rechargeable packs and chargers which offering longer operating time. To see an example of a professional PMR446 Walkie Talkie check out Icom’s IC-F29SR2 Professional Licence Free Two Way Radio.

Digital PMR446 Walkie Talkies are also now available including the IC-F29DR3 Professional Digital Walkie Talkie that utilises the latest digital voice technology bringing excellent voice quality, performance and access to less congested digital PMR channels…all without a licence.

So if you are looking for a simple two way radio solution with up to a range of 3 kilometres*, look no further than Icom UK’s range of licence free PMR446 Walkie Talkies.

* Dependant on terrain

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