Tips When Using the RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software with the IC-9700

When using the RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software (Version 2) locally via USB (radio next to PC) you may not get any TX audio (MOD). This is because the microphone audio is set to USB. To correct this press the MICSET button on the RS-BA1 v2 display and change to MIC.

When using the RS-BA1 v2 software with the Icom Remote Utility via USB please make sure the MICSET is set to USB and the correct audio devices are set in the remote utility.

When using the RS-BA1 v2 with the IC-9700 the display on the radio should be set to a single band display (the radio will default to a single display if turned on by the RS-BA1 v2 software). It is not possible to control 2 bands simultaneously.

The RS-BA1 v2 uses a separate memory file than those in the radio. Click here to download a copy for the IC-9700.

Please note that this file has been zipped so you will have to unzip it to open it. Once unzipped, if you want to edit the Memory File for the RS-BA1 v2, you can import them into Excel and edit. Be sure to keep the structure correct and save with the file extension .MCH


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