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Top marques for Airsys

Top marques for Airsys

Southampton based company, Airsys Communications Technology Ltd have been UK Sub Distributor for Icom UK Ltd for over six years. In the last three years alone have seen upwards of 35,000 Icom radios passed through their warehouse.

Andrew Wilson, Airsys Sales Director, said 'We are extremely pleased to be the Official Sub Distributor for Icom in the UK. We view Icom as one of the top marques in the UK and indeed the world. It is a fundamental policy of Airsys to only work with leading brands and to supply first class equipment to our dealers'.

Dealers purchasing Icom equipment from Airsys can expect friendly and knowledgeable customer service and excellent sales support. Customers will interact with most of the 28 personnel in the Airsys office at some stage and as Andrew says 'The team is always happy to hear from our valued customers whether it's to supply them with kit or just a general chat. We view the relationship with our customers as we do with our suppliers - a partnership that results in profit'.

Airsys Communications Technology Ltd has a simple yet effective company ethos that spans the entire workforce, as Paula Cooper, Internal Dealer Sales Manager explained, 'We believe that what is good for the dealer is good for us and what is good for us is good for the manufacturer! This positive cycle is the foundation and motivation behind everything we do in the process of distributing products to dealers, and it's working well so far!'

Being the Icom sub distributor obviously means a lot of contact with the Icom team, 'It is a pleasure to work with Icom UK Ltd' says Andrew, 'All of the staff are very helpful and we feel like we have established a true partnership arrangement between the two companies. This close working relationship ultimately provides benefits to the dealers such as improved feedback between dealer and manufacturer, better sales literature, better delivery times and after sales service'.

He went on to say, 'Most importantly, because Airsys Communications Technology Ltd and Icom work so closely together, the dealer ends up with all the tools he or she needs to provide a first class service to their end user'.

Bob Stockley, Icom Sales and Marketing Director commented, 'Since Airsys have been a distributor for Icom they have gone from strength to strength, the service they deliver is second to none and we are extremely grateful for their continued efforts at promoting the Icom brand. On behalf of everybody at Icom we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Airsys'.

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