Two way Business Radio Products and Services

Two way Business Radio Products and Services

Mobile communications are vitally important to many businesses, and radio communications can deliver a highly cost-effective business communications solution. Icom helps make business lives easier by providing a comprehensive range of analogue, digital and system equipment to satisfy our varied customers’ needs.

Icom provides two-way radio products and services across a wide spectrum of businesses, including the emergency services, security, construction, retail and manufacturing.

One of the most significant developments in the range has been the global introduction of the IDAS brand which includes dPMR, NXDN and P25 digital two-way products for business and industry. IDAS products use advanced digital technology, including 6.25kHz channel spacing, which can allow twice the amount of users on the radio spectrum.

Check out our range by visiting our:

• Two Way Business Radio systems web pages
• IDAS Digital Two Way Radio web pages
• PMR (Private Mobile Radio) web pages

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