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UK Interconnect Team (UK-IT) Formed to Support D-Star G2 Gateway Software

UK Interconnect Team (UK-IT) Formed to Support D-Star G2 Gateway Software

Over the last few weeks a team of UK amateurs have been working in the background on the implementation of the G2 Gateway network in the UK.

The team known as the UK Interconnect Team (UK-IT) has been looking at the best way to implement Icom’s G2 Gateway software in the UK. Considerable work has gone on into installing, testing and re-installing gateways to establish the most stable method of implementation.

A supplement to the Icom G2 installation manual is in the final stages of revision that will provide step by step installation instructions for installing both the operating system and the gateway software. Testing has been carried out on a UK-IT Trust Server and work is continuing on the most reliable way to integrate with the global D-Star network. Additional work is continuing on a user friendly way of allowing users to self register onto the G2 network.

The UK-IT team has done extensive work in the implementation and testing of G2 and is close to being able to provide assistance and support to new keepers for the connection of G2 Software. There will be a dedicated support route for UK-IT via the website and they can also be contacted by email via: Please note this website and the email address is only for G2 gateway setup and configuration.

Throughout the testing and writing of the manuals the importance of doing the job properly has become apparent and there is a minimum recommendation that we ask all gateway keepers to comply with.

Icom (UK) Ltd wishes to offer their sincere thanks to the UK-IT team for all their work in getting a stable G2 network up and running. Without UK-IT it would have taken us considerably longer and we probably would not have had the exceptional documentation.

UK Interconnect (UK-IT) Team
UK-IT consists of Icom D-Star NoV holders and support team members that have industrial experience of supporting Linux/UNIX platforms across the globe:

Andrew Spaxman, 2E0BLF
Darren Storer, G7LWT
John Dundas, GM0OPS
Paul Middlhurst, G1DVA

UK Interconnect Team (UK-IT) -

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