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U.S. Marines choose ICOM for new communications

U.S. Marines choose ICOM for new communications

Radio Communication Company, Icom (UK) Ltd are pleased to announce that the U.S. Marine Corps has selected a special, modified version of its IC-446S licence-free, PMR446 radio for use as their new Infantry Squad Radio (ISR). The contract awarded to the company's fellow distributor Icom America, is to supply the US military with more than 13,000 units. The new model called the IC-4008M has only one small difference to the IC-446S and that is that the frequencies have been changed for military use.

The IC-4008M is going to be used by the US military at infantry level to supplement hand and arm signals. This small, lightweight transceiver has an accompanying custom case so that it can be worn on the uniform. All 13,000 units of the IC-4008M were delivered during October 2000.

Bob Carey, Vice President of Icom America said, "These are not off-the-shelf IC-446S's, but they're close. The only change made is that they have undergone frequency changes to operate on select U.S. Marine Corps' UHF frequencies." Bob further added, "We're very pleased and honoured that the U.S. Marine Corps has chosen Icom for this project. The Icom radio was heavily tested and selected over a field of other competing models."

Icom's IC-446S is built to meet JIS-4 water-resistant standards, so they're perfect for outdoor use. Already built to meet tough military specifications and sporting impressive features such as an automatic transponder system; a 'smart ring' to confirm that a call has been received and a foldaway antenna, the IC-446S has since its launch won numerous accolades against other brands of PMR446 radios.

This is not the first time that Icom have been awarded a contract with the US military. Only 2 years ago Icom America won a multi-million dollar contract with the U.S. Army for the provision of 22,000 IC-F3S VHF transceivers – being supplied to specific Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, Light Infantry and Mechanised Infantry units.

Ian Lockyer Marketing Executive at Icom UK Ltd, said: “Icom products are proving popular with government organisations throughout the world. Only recently the Ethiopian and Estonian police forces have purchased a large number of commercial handheld and mobile units. This is a clear example of Icom's global appeal and reinforces our position as the leading high quality radio-manufacturer."

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