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Virgil Parker celebrates 25 years service with Icom UK

Virgil Parker celebrates 25 years service with Icom UK

One of Icom UK’s longstanding employees has recently marked 25 years service with the company. Virgil Parker (Marine and Avionic Product Specialist) has amassed a wealth of product and industry knowledge, working in virtually every part of the company. In this time he has become a vital part of the team.

Virgil said, ‘I initially began working for Icom UK in the warehouse back in 1992 I had previous part-time experience working in a large retail warehouse while in the 6th form of school. Not knowing what I wanted to do this job fitted my life well at the time. While working in the warehouse, I took an interest in the work carried out in the technical department. When the opportunity arose, I moved into the mod-room, an area of the workshop dedicated to programming radios for customer orders and modifying equipment to suit specific customer requirements. I later moved across to the repair workshop where I undertook some of the basic repairs, case & control replacements etc. and dealt with various customer repair enquiries. During that time I attended college and gained my City & Guilds in electronic servicing.’

‘My next role was alongside Phil Turner in the company's newly formed PMR Systems Dept. in the early days of PC programming of radios. While in this role I also covered in the parts dept., handling all the spares ordering and sales orders for both trade and end users. This role also incorporated purchasing and spending some of my days as the company buyer. I was sourcing everything from mains power supplies for UK chargers to pens and paper for everyday use. When the main buyer left the company, I moved into this diverse role permanently, and I stayed in parts and as the company buyer for the next eight years.’

‘Around 2007 an opportunity to move into Marine and Avionic sales came up, many of the dealers already knew me through my role in parts and the workshop, and this is a role I have now been in for the last 10 years, I particularly enjoy the rapport with trade customers and the learning experience of helping and advising end-user customers.‘

Asked what he loves about working at Icom UK, Virgil said, 'Working at Icom UK is often like an extended family, it's been a great environment to learn from each others’ expertise and gain knowledge and experience of the products and the industry.’ Bob Stockley, Managing Director of Icom UK, said, ’I really don't ever recall that I've ever seen Virg in a bad mood, he's always ready to help and get stuck in, whatever the task, good or bad. Over the years he has applied himself to every opportunity that has arisen and he's become a real asset to us and our customers. He's also got a Lightning Fast wit and everyone here, me especially, have enjoyed some good laughs and fun together during these last 25 years.’

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