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Warning, don’t get confused between the CE Mark and the China Export Mark

Warning, don’t get confused between the CE Mark and the China Export Mark

In recent years we’ve all got used to the fact that if a product bears the CE mark, that it is safe. The reason for this assumption is that goods with CE marking demonstrate that they meet relevant and strict EU standards. This marking brings benefit to all in the supply chain and most notably, the consumer.

Unfortunately, there exists a very similar mark which the majority of consumers and even sellers may see as the CE mark of the European Union but actually is something completely different. This “CE” mark means “China Export” and only means that the product was manufactured in China!! It is believed by various organizations that this similarity is not a chance coincidence and that this expresses an aggressive approach to sell into the European market without the right standards.

On this page, are examples of both logos. As you can see that the letters in the “China Export” logo are sitting very close to each other and bear a striking resemblance to the official European marking. This is the one to watch out for…it wouldn’t be too difficult to mistake it as the genuine Euro standard mark. The China Export logo is not registered; it does NOT confirm positive test results and is placed by Chinese manufacturers arbitrarily.

For the Reseller
You have a legal responsibility to ensure that the goods you sell are legally marked. If you are a supplier/importer in the UK, the penalty for the supply of non-compliant products is imprisonment and/or a fine. Under the regulations, authorities are given the powers to enter premises, test products and seize records and products. Regulations also give the authorities the power to force manufacturers to recall or replace faulty product.

For the Consumer
If you are trying to identify if your goods are CE marked you should check either the product, manual or ask your supplier for documentation. If the logo cannot be found or your supplier can’t supply you a CE certificate then your goods are not compliant and you should return to your supplier for a refund.

All Icom products are stringently tested to the highest European standards and proudly display the genuine CE mark. The logo can be found on our products and a copy of the certificate can be found in each product handbook.

This issue is currently under discussion in ADCO R&TTTE. For more information, please go to .

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