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What is Digital Private Mobile Radio (dPMR)?

Digital Private Mobile Radio (dPMR) is a standard that has been developed by ETSI and defines digital Professional, Personal and Private Mobile Radio (PMR). PMR has enjoyed great success in Europe for many years, and serves a very broad community of users.

dPMR is a Frequency-Division Multiple Access (FDMA) system offering the lowest cost digital voice and data solutions for PMR. Until recently, PMR technology that used Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) was more spectrum-efficient at wider channel spacings such as 25kHz. The ETSI dPMR standard solves the problem of shortage of radio channels by introducing 6,25kHz FDMA radios with a 4FSK modulation scheme. This newly-developed narrowband 6,25kHz FDMA technology, as used by dPMR, brings greater spectrum efficiency with lower infrastructure cost.

Although the market landscape for two-way radio varies somewhat throughout the world, markets can be roughly divided into three broad categories. dPMR has the universal capability to serve them all :

- Consumer (and short-range industrial)
- Professional/Business-Critical applications
- Public Safety/Mission-Critical applications.

dPMR is a scaleable system that can be used in unlicensed mode (in a 446,1 to 446,2 MHz band), and in licensed mode, subject to national frequency planning. It is developed in ‘tiers’:

- Tier 1 is the low-cost, licence-exempt 'digital PMR446', and is defined by ETSI Technical Specification TS 102 490.
- Tier 2 is for the licensed professional market, offering peer-to-peer mode (Mode 1), repeater mode (Mode 2) and trunked (managed access) operation (Mode 3). Tier 2 is defined by ETSI Technical Specification TS 102 658.

The dPMR specifications can be obtained free of charge from the ETSI website publications download area (

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