What is IDAS?

IDAS is Icom’s version of the new Next Generation Digital Narrowband (NXDN™) radio technology. Icom’s IDAS is the equipment and technology – the platform – that operates using the NXDN™ system.

Icom was the first to bring NXDN™ compliant radios to market, giving Icom more than two and a half years of experience in the market with NXDN™ and ensuring that your product is thoroughly tested. Additionally, IDAS radios have excellent backward compatibility with a diverse assortment of the current analogue technologies, making IDAS radios the most well-rounded choice when choosing your next generation radio system. Icom’s IDAS radio equipment can be used with your existing analogue FM equipment and systems.

To see our range of IDAS digital two way radios visit the Digital Two Way Radio Section on our website.


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