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What is Icom Simultaneous TalkListen?

Conventional two-way radios will not allow you to talk simultaneously like you can on a telephone or a mobile-phone. Being able to talk and receive at the same time is known as FULL DUPLEX, at Icom we call this "Simultaneous Talk/Listen”.

Icom's range of advanced VoIP and LTE radios offer 'Simultaneous Talk/Listen’ allowing important information to be transferred between radio users and understood quicker.

‘Simultaneous Talk/Listen’ increases efficiency and safety when and wherever it is used by providing a more natural conversation for the operators and improved team communication.

Instead of waiting for the person on another radio to finish what they are saying before you can speak, Icom's advanced VoIP and LTE radios lets you simply 'Talk/Listen' , whether one to one or in a group.

"Simultaneous Talk/Listen” (Full Duplex) is available with our following models:

- IP100H IP Communication Radio/Handset (When used with optional earphone-microphone or headset)
- IP501H LTE/PoC Radio/Handset
- IP503H LTE/PoC Radio/Handset
- IP501M LTE/PoC Mobile Radio
- IP730D/IP740D Hybrid LTE/Digital Two-Way Radio Series

To download our PDF flyer explaining this feature, click on the link on the side of this page.


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