What is the Red Ensign Approval Rating?

What is the Red Ensign Approval Rating?

Following the UK's exit from the European Union, new approval standards were set for GMDSS (SOLAS) compliance by our governing body.

The Marine Equipment Directive (MED), more commonly known as the "Ships Wheel Mark", was replaced by a UK compliance standard known as the Marine Equipment Regulation (MER).

All GMDSS (SOLAS) compliant equipment manufactured after January 1st 2023, sold or installed on a qualifying UK-flagged vessel must carry approval for the new "Marine Equipment Regulation" (MER) standard, also referred to as "UK Red Ensign".

Icom's MED-approved products, including the IC-GM1600E survival craft handheld radio, the GM600 VHF and GM800 MF/HF fixed radios, comply with the MER directive and carry the UK Red Ensign mark as well as the MED Ships Wheel mark and are approved for use throughout the United Kingdom.

To learn more about these products, visit the GMDSS product pages on our website.

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