Whitstable Yacht Club and Tankerton Bay Sailing Club use Icom LTE Radios to manage Topper Coastal Championships

Whitstable Yacht Club and Tankerton Bay Sailing Club use Icom LTE Radios to manage Topper Coastal Championships

The picturesque coastal town of Whitstable played host to an exciting weekend of sailing as the Whitstable Yacht Club (WYC) and Tankerton Bay Sailing Club (TBSC) collaborated to organise the highly anticipated Topper Coastal Championships. The event held on Saturday May 20th, and Sunday, May 21st, showcased the skills of over 100 talented young sailors from all over the country competing in the renowned Topper class. To ensure efficient communication and smooth coordination throughout the event, both clubs used Icom LTE radios. Icom Marine VHF radios were used for all water activities.

Richard Maltby of Whitstable Yacht Club said, 'We used the LTE radios in two ways. For traffic management to communicate between stewards at the initial boat & trailer drop-off point and those at car and campervan parks to which vehicles were directed. It meant that vehicle arrivals for parking were anticipated and a steward could be posted to ensure the right turning was taken off the main road for the car /campervan park. This helped to ensure a well-coordinated and helpful welcome about which many of our Topper Association visitors commented very favourably.'

He added, 'The other way we used them was in communication between the two clubs. Although the prevailing strong wind conditions brought all boats to WYC we found that inter-club comms with the LTE radios had worked very effectively using the separate inter-club channel, free of interference from other transmissions and not dependent on mobile phones.'

He added, 'The radios performed very well. Volume control ensured a very satisfactory audio level; transmissions were completely free from interference on their designated channels and were helpful for routine reports and urgent situations. The latter occurred when it was found that pay machines at a car park had not been altered for the event discount. This was instantly relayed by LTE radio to the event coordinator who was able to make immediate contact with the council, thereby preventing any unpleasant risk of enforcement of the usual rates. '

Richard said, 'The event, the first time it was held on the North Kent Coast, was a great success. Everyone was happy at the end. Due to the extreme wind condition Saturday racing had to be cancelled although all the sailors and their families enjoyed a fabulous 'Social Saturday' instead. It was important to have good communications.'

He concluded, 'We had some thrilling racing on Sunday...all in brilliant sunshine. The wind moderated just enough for races to start at 11.30 am off the shore at Whitstable. Both fleets managed three races - more than enough for a series. A good number retired as the races went on owing to the demanding conditions but the great majority coped supremely well. We had a complete set of results. The team effort between the two clubs clicked as everyone came together at WYC and the participants loved it. The only problem is that they want to come back!'

For more information about both clubs, please visit the Whitstable Yacht Club and Tankerton Bay Sailing Club websites.


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