XS RIBs choose Icom for Performance, Value and Design

XS RIBs choose Icom for Performance, Value and Design

One of the major manufacturers in the UK, XS RIBs is one boat builder that has made Icom their choice for fixed VHF radios.

XS RIBs who produce over 100 boats a year are part of Barnet Marine have specialised in the sale and support of inflatable boats and outboards for the last 40 years. Laurence Lock, Managing Director of Barnet Marine said, ‘retailing has changed beyond all recognition in the last 40 years and we have responded to those changes, carving a reputation for supply of Inflatable Boats as well as Outboards’.

Laurence said, ‘40% of our business is in the leisure sector, but although we build a lot of leisure vessels, the majority of our craft are built for light end commercial customers that include sailing clubs, dive operators and Police and Fire boats. We have just built a Fisheries Protection Vessel which proves the diversity of customers that we deal with’.

He said, ‘We believe that when we build a craft the quality, performance and durability has to be right for our customer although price, in this climate, does play an important role. We don’t tend to have many competitors in our area of the market. We are driven by the quality of the overall package against the total price’.

XS RIBs has been fitting Icom radios for some time. Laurence said, ‘We are driven by what the client wants. Where we have the choice to choose a trailer, engine or even fixed VHF radio, what we are looking for are components and subcontractors who meet the same high standards that we do’.

He added, ‘We choose Icom radios. You can buy cheaper or more expensive radios, but for the price, Icom are the best quality radios on the market. They do the job very well’.

Laurence added, ‘As a company Icom UK is very easy to do business with. Icom always has everything in stock and on the rare occasion that we require technical advice, they are very helpful and are an ideal partner’.

For more details about XS RIBs please visit their website at: www.xs-ribs.co.uk.


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