Masthead Receive Converter (Discontinued)

Since the successful launch of the AO-40 amateur radio satellite, many Radio Amateurs have renewed their interest in satellite operation and this has led to the success of the IC-910H VHF/UHF, all-mode, base station transceiver.

To increase the flexibility of this radio, Icom have now released the AG-2400 downlink receive converter. The AG-2400 converts a 2400MHz satelite signal to a 144MHz IF signal. Used with the IC-910H, the AG-2400 allows US mode (Uplink/Downlink; 430MHz/2400MHz) operation. If an optional UX-910 is installed to the IC-910H, LS mode (1200MHz/2400MHz) operation is also possible. This will provide even greater scope and interest in the world of satellite operation for owners of the IC-910H.

  • Converts 2400-2402MHz RF signal to 144-146MHz IF signal to allow satellite operation.
  • Built–in low noise amplifier (LNA) and suppression filter. The LNA provides the ideal noise figure and conversion gain balance, perfect for satellite operation. The suppression filter reduces blocking from the uplink frequency. This allows for close set up between the uplink and downlink antennas (50cm at the minimum).
  • Water resistant construction for masthead installation.
  • Protection circuit prevents damage to the AG-2400 from accidental transmission

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