HM-222HLWP Speaker Microphone

Waterproof speaker microphone with high-power audio speaker and 3.5 mm earphone jack

- Increased speaker-microphone volume depends on the combination of the transceiver and microphone
- Waterproof microphone and waterproof connector which can be used while in rain
- High capacity speaker and enough internal space for good quality audio

- Connector information: 2-pin Screw attached type
- Waterproof: IP68 (Equivalent to the main unit)
- Cable Length: 300 mm; 11.8 in (when curled)

  • IC-T10
    The IC-T10 VHF/UHF dual-band Amateur handheld radio is built to the high-quality commercial spec that you would expect from Icom. The radio features a clear easy to use layout, rugged commercial build, IP67 dust-tight specification and waterproofing, 1500mW loud audio and long-lasting Li-Ion battery life all making it an ideal radio for beginners and seasoned Amateur radio enthusiasts alike.
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