PS-310 DC-DC Converter

Provides stable 12.6 V DC output from 12 V or 24 V DC input, depending on version.

For use with the GM600 GMDSS VHF Transceiver.

  • GM600
    The GM600 VHF Transceiver is designed for Class A DSC operation and provides a complete GMDSS VHF communication system as required for Commercial SOLAS regulated vessels engaging in international voyages. The GM600 meets both the UK Marine Equipment Regulation (MER) “Red Ensign mark” as well as the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014/90/EU “wheel mark” approval for European merchant ships. When installed with the GM800 MF/HF radio, GM600 and GM800 radios provide a complete GMDSS VHF, MF and HF radio station.
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