BP-305 Battery Case

Battery case for the IP730D Hybrid IP/Digital two way radio series.

Battery Cells LR6 (AA)× 5 cells
Size 114.5 × 49 × 31.8 mm, 4.5 × 1.9 × 1.3 inch
Weight 67 g; 2.4 oz (approximate)

(Battery cells are not included)

  • IP730D/ IP740D Hybrid LTE/Digital Two Way Radio Series
    The IP730D series from Icom is a new Hybrid radio that can provide nationwide coverage over LTE networks as well as conventional VHF/UHF professional radio mode (IDAS digital/Analogue radio modes) to work locally. The versatility of having two technologies (LTE & IDAS Digital PMR) merged into one, provides a range of options and applications for industries ranging from event and facility management to large utility infrastructure projects.
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