AT-180 Tuner (Discontinued)

Automatic Antenna Tuner Unit

The AT-180 is an automatic ATU, which is optional for the IC-706MkIIG which does not have its own built-in ATU or the IC-703 which does. It covers 160m to 6m and can handle VSWRs up to approximately 3:1.

The AT-180 is perfect for mobile operations where the effective bandwidth of the mobile antenna can be significantly extended without physically altering the antenna length.

- 1.8 - 54MHz
- 100W maximum power
- For the IC-706 & IC-703 transceivers
- Connectors: SO-239
- Power drawn from IC-706 or IC-703 via accessory socket
- Included: 1 x accessory lead; 1 x PL-259 patch lead approx. size: 270 x 165 x 60mm

  • IC-703
    In the world of HF/50MHz portable communications, the IC-703 incorporates all the practicality and technical expertise of the IC-706MKIIG, but does so with an emphasis on portability and economy. A built-in antenna tuner, built-in DSP unit, 10W of output power, an optional external battery pack and carrying case for portable operation allow the IC-703 to have base station ability with all the portable convenience of a mobile rig. This is ideal radio for the foundation licensee, QRP enthusiast or any Radio Amateur who wants a convenient HF portable unit.

  • IC-706MKIIG
    The IC-706MKIIG HF/VHF/UHF mobile transceiver takes radio technology a step further by incorporating an expanded frequency range which now includes 430MHz. This provides access to the 70cm band in addition to HF, 6m and 2m bands. The operating possibilities are therefore much wider for local or DX operation whether as a base station, mobile transceiver, or in the field using only one rig.

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