MRP-2000 VHF & UHF Two Way Mobile Repeater (Discontinued)

The MRP-2000 VHF & UHF mobile repeater is aimed at providing a wider set of logistical options to the paramedic crew in the field plus a high level of dependability at local incidents. The MRP-2000 allows the ambulance team to respond efficiently and effectively to any medical emergency giving the operators the opportunity to communicate with the ambulance and vice versa and from the operator to base.

The MRP-2000 is specifically a crossband repeater that utilises the VHF and UHF bands. This allows a multitude of options for any emergency service that is serious about increasing their communication coverage in the field. The unit provides VHF to UHF, UHF to VHF and UHF to UHF talk-through giving added possibilities and multiple flexibility.

The MRP-200 also provides other options including handheld to control and ambulance to ambulance to control. The standard options that this technology provides allows the repeater to cope with even the biggest radio system.

The MRP-2000 is compact in size measuring (210h x 300w x 300d) making the unit easily installed into any vehicle. The unit comes pre-built, all you have to install are the remote heads and then connect the DC power lead and antenna connections. The MRP-2000 is of extremely rugged construction featuring a highly dependable, sheet steel, lockable enclosure and polycarbonate front panel.

The MRP-2000 uses Icom IC-F1010 technology, which provides the repeater with numerous signalling formats including CCIR, VVEI1, ZVEI2, DZVEI, EEA, EEA2 and EIA. Programming the MRP-2000 via the remote heads is very simple. Selectable programming can also be done from the heads. The MRP-2000 is programmed using standard software.

The standard VHF mobile allows the user to use all other standard mobiles, which is a great benefit to any purchaser intent on pursuing a cost-effective solution. An external input from a data system is available for data compatible terminals. When connected this will send a Selcall telling the user that a message is waiting. As well as all this technology an internal duplexer for UHF is built in.

As well as being easy to program, the crossband repeater is incredibly user friendly to operate and contains a large, alphanumeric display on both heads. A limited number of switches (6) provide easy operation. Moreover, programmable assign functions can be allocated to switches providing customisation to suit specific needs.

The MRP-2000 comes equipped with VHF and UHF remote heads, microphones, mounting brackets and 18 foot DC cable. Other options available include the HS-62 goose neck microphone and the HS-15SF modified PTT switch box.

  • Specially designed for the emergency services
  • Separate heads for UHF & VHF
  • Multiple talk through facility
  • Rugged construction featuring a highly dependable, sheet steel, lockable enclosure and polycarbonate front panel.
  • Simple programming of channel plans and operating mode using PC based programmes.
  • Hands free microphone facility
  • Large alphanumeric display on both heads
  • Easy to operate with selectable talkthrough modes.
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