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Read our Latest Icom Radio Knowledge Base Articles

Read our Latest Icom Radio Knowledge Base Articles

We have added four new articles to the knowledge base section of our website. All concentrate on our commercial solutions, from evaluating the performance of your current two-way radio system to VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) and explaining the difference between LTE/PoC and traditional two-way radios.

To read these knowledge-base articles, click the following links:

Explaining the Differences Between LTE/POC Radios and Two-Way Radios
In recent years, two-way radios have merged with mobile technology, giving rise to push-to-talk communication over cellular networks, sometimes called LTE/PoC radios. Our article explains the difference between these newer radios and traditional two-way radios. To read more, click here!

Is it Time to Change Your Two-Way radios?
In this article, we go through a few factors to help you determine if it's time to change your two-way radio system. To read more, click here!

Tips for Looking After Batteries for Your Two-Way Radio
Batteries are a crucial component of your two-way radio, and taking care of them is essential. Our article breaks down the key points for maintaining your two-way radio battery and avoiding any potential mishap. To read more, click here!

Everything you need to know about VOX when used with a Two-Way Radio
VOX, short for Voice-Operated Exchange, is a feature in many two-way radios that enables hands-free communication. In our article, we give a deeper explanation of this facility and things to consider if you decide to use it in your radio system. To read more, click here!

For further information about these product ranges, visit the Two Way Business Radio Systems section on our website where you will get an overview of all our commercial solutions.

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