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An Overview of Icom’s AIS range

An Overview of Icom’s AIS range

With more and more leisure boats venturing further from their local shores, safety is paramount. Leisure boaters that sail in the same waters as large commercial vessels need to have their position information noted to avoid collision. This is what an AIS (Automatic Identification System) does.

AIS is a must for anyone sailing, either by wind or power and Icom offers several AIS solutions:

The MA-510TR is our compact, waterproof Class B AIS transponder. This all-in-one standalone unit combines transponder and display in a smart, compact design featuring an attractive 4.3-inch wide-angled colour TFT display which is easy to read, even under direct sunlight. This advanced AIS transponder features a host of important collision risk management functions and a navigation function that guides the operator to their destination.

When integrated with selected Icom fixed radios, the MA-510TR allows you to transmit individual DSC calls to a selected vessel instantly without manually entering its MMSI number. The MA-510TR AIS data output uses either NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 formats for easy connectivity to most radars, chart plotters, and navigation systems.

Also available are several other radios with an AIS Receiver built in.

Compact and versatile, the IC-M94DE handheld VHF radio is a game-changing device with an integrated AIS receiver. Ideal for on-the-go situations, this handheld device keeps you informed about AIS traffic, enhancing safety and awareness. Its portable design makes it a valuable tool for various maritime activities.

The IC-M510E (AIS Receiver version) and IC-M605EURO VHF/DSC radio feature AIS receive-only technology in intelligently designed, compact packages. Both fixed radios boast a vivid 4.3-inch wide-angled colour TFT display, ensuring readability even under direct sunlight. With advanced collision risk management functions and navigation guidance, both models provide a reliable solution for safe maritime journeys.

A black box version of the IC-M510E called the IC-M510BB is also available. This also has AIS receive capability with the AIS information displayed on the radios's accompanying Commandmic screen.

If you have any questions or want further advice about our current AIS range, contact our team on 01227 741741 or via the email below.

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