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Seawood Yachts Supply Icom GMDSS Radio Equipment to Iconic Superyacht "My Bash"

Seawood Yachts Supply Icom GMDSS Radio Equipment to Iconic Superyacht "My Bash"

Seawood Yachts, a leading maritime equipment and services provider, is now supplying Icom GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) (GMDSS) radio equipment to the superyacht industry and, most recently, part of the £9.5 million refit of the Superyacht, ‘My Bash’, where the company supplied our GM600 VHF and GM800 MF/HF radios. By supplying Icom, Seawood Yachts can offer state-of-the-art GMDSS radios that seamlessly integrate into the existing communication infrastructure of a superyacht.

GMDSS radio equipment plays a critical role in maritime safety by providing a means of distress alerting and communication between vessels and rescue coordination centres. Recognising the importance of reliable communication systems for superyachts, Seawood Yachts now supplies Icom GMDSS radio equipment to this sector of the maritime industry.

John Wood, Managing Director of Seawood Yachts, said, ‘The refit for ‘My Bash ‘involved a total rebuild of the Bridge from scratch. The owner specified state-of-the-art equipment throughout the build and we selected the Icom products over other brands. This decision was made not only based on future-proofing and ensuring the highest quality, but maybe some will be surprised that it was also based on price competitiveness.’

Seawood Yachts has had fifteen years of experience in the superyacht industry and works closely with yacht owners, captains, and management companies to provide tailored solutions. If you are looking for a similar installation or electronic solution for your vessel, call Seawood Yachts on 01395 222262 or email Alternatively, visit their website

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