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Explore Our Two-Way Radio Knowledge Base Section On Our Website

Explore Our Two-Way Radio Knowledge Base Section On Our Website

Icom Inc. boasts a rich history of 60 years in designing and manufacturing reliable and innovative two-way radio solutions. As Icom UK, we have been proudly serving customers and accumulating a wealth of knowledge across various sectors such as maritime, business radio, aviation, and Amateur radio.

Our website has a "Knowledge Base" section that shares some of the knowledge and experience we have acquired over that time.

What You Can Find in Our Knowledge Base:
The "Knowledge Base" section houses informative articles covering various radio-related topics. Whether you seek guidance on choosing a marine VHF, complying with EMF or tips for battery care, our articles are put together to provide valuable help and advice.

Our "Knowledge Base" is organised into six distinct areas:

1. Marine Radio Articles: Dive into articles specifically tailored for the maritime sector covering relevant topics and addressing common questions such as licensing and maintenance. To enter this page, click here!

2. Two-Way Business Radio Articles: Explore articles relevant to the business radio sector, providing businesses with tips on choosing and optimising their communication systems. To enter this page, click here!

3. Amateur Radio Articles: Radio enthusiasts can discover articles on Amateur radio. To enter this page, click here!

4. IP/LTE Radio Articles: This section provides articles for those interested in the latest trends in IP and LTE radio technologies. To enter this page, click here!

5. Aviation/Airband Radio Articles: Stay informed about the latest developments and regulations in Airband radio communication. To enter this page, click here!

6. General Radio Articles: Provides helpful information not included in the other sections. To enter this page, click here!

Need Help Finding What You're Looking For? Contact Us:
If you are still looking for an answer and you can't find it in our Knowledge Base or in the rest of our website, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Feel free to contact us by calling 01227 741741 or emailing the address below.

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