IC-R10 Communications Receiver (Discontinued)

The IC-R10 is a wide-band receiver capable of receiving in FM, WFM, SSB, CW and AM modes. The IC-R10 is a versatile receiver and has a number of memory functions that allow you to edit and copy memory contents. To protect the IC-R10 from data loss, EEPROM’s are employed to retain memories regardless of battery condition. In addition this receiver includes 1000 memory channels (including 8 character alphanumeric names for ease of use).

The newly designed ‘busy catch scan’ speeds up the scanning process. The real-time bandscope func-tion makes it easy to find busy frequencies and to observe band conditions. Another innovation is the SIGNAVI scan that bypasses or skips clear frequencies, within +/- 100 kHz from a paused frequency, to the next busy frequency, helping to increase scan speed.

Other features
- Newly designed tunable bandpass filters provide good image and intermodulation rejection.
- 36(d) mm large internal speaker provides powerful clear audio.
- Multi-function, dot matrix LCD; displays a variety of information such as receiver frequency, mode, and real time band scope and memory names.
- Built in 20dB attenuator, which reduces interference of strong local signals.
- AFC (Auto Frequency Control) function, which keeps the receiver, tuned to the centre frequency of the station.
- Noise blanker and ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) functions, which helps reduce impulse, noise interference.

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