RC-FS10 Remote Communicator (Discontinued)

The RC-FS10 is an IDAS conventional IP network upgrade and remote communicator. The IDAS conventional IP network links up to 16 IDAS conventional repeaters via an IP network and can extend an organisations communication range to virtually anywhere. The RC-FS10 remote communicator package creates an IP-based virtual radio and works like a simple dispatcher. The IDAS IC-F3162 and IC-F5062 series of radios (with UT-126H IDAS digital unit installed), can be used in the IDAS conventional IP network without hardware or firmware modification.

RC-FS10 components
The RC-FS10 package consists of the digital voice converter, CT-24, and remote communicator software, RC-FS10, for Windows®-based PC. The digital voice converter, CT-24, is a USB connection device, which converts a microphone audio to an IDAS compatible digital signal. The remote communicator software will not work if the CT-24 is not connected. The optional SM-25 desktop microphone or HM-152 hand microphone are available with the PTT microphone adapter, CT-23. The CT-23 converts the microphone audio and PTT/monitor signals to the 3.5mm stereo jack for connection with a virtual dispatch PC, while supplying a DC power to the microphone.

RC-FS10 software features
All of the IDAS communication features such as selective call, group call and status message can be used with the remote communicator software. Sending and receiving a short data message and status message can be made easily using this software. The operating channel of the IP connected IDAS repeater can be controlled from the RCFS10 software. Up to 8 target IDAS repeater sites* can be programmable in the software.
* The RC-FS10 software can transmit one voice path at a time. One CT-24 is required for receiving a IDAS repeater site and up to 8 repeater sites can be monitored simultaneously with 8 CT-24s.

IDAS™ conventional IP network features:
Up to 16 IDAS repeaters connection over an IP network
The UC-FR5000* IDAS network controller provides the ability to interface to an IP network for the IDAS IC-FR5100 series repeater. Up to 16 IDAS repeaters can be interlinked with each other. An IDAS terminal radio user can communicate with other IDAS terminal radio users belonging to the interlinked repeater sites and/or a virtual dispatch station on the network. All of the IDAS communication features such as selective call, group call and status message can be used over the IDAS conventional IP network system.
* UC-FR5000 #02 required. For UC-FR5000 #01 version, CF-FR5000MC CF card is required for software upgrade.

Low bandwidth requirement
By using the AMBE+2™ vocoder compression, the IDAS conventional IP network requires only 13kbps bandwidth per one voice path in theory. It means a DSL class line with a fixed IP address is sufficient for the IDAS conventional IP network and can be cost-effectively replaced to a leased line or microwave link.

Integrated system for clean and simple installation
The IDAS radio and IP network features are designed as an integrated self-contained system, the introduction and installation of the IDAS conventional IP network system is relatively straightforward. The IDAS conventional IP network system requires only the UC-FR5000 network controller which can be installed into the IC-FR5100 series repeater, no control server and no extra rack space are required. In addition, all of the repeater and network settings can be remotely maintained and monitored over an IP connected PC.

IDAS™ conventional IP network application examples
Communication link for distant locations
The IDAS conventional IP network can extend your communication coverage. The IDAS conventional IP network can connect distant sites and allows you to communicate as a single entity.

In-building and Intra-building solution
With an IDAS conventional IP network system, it is possible to have radio communications from the basement to the top of a building, all in crystal clear digital audio using LAN cables.

Remote base station over IP network
The IC-FR5100 series has two operating modes; repeat mode operation and base mode operation. In the base mode operation with the IDAS conventional IP network system, the uplinked voice/data from an IDAS radio will not be repeated (downlinked) to other radios or relayed to other IDAS repeater sites, but the remote dispatch can receive it and respond using the IDAS base station. In this mode operation, the dispatcher can control the entire communication. Communications between radios (using a repeater) cannot be made.

Receiver voting operation
The IDAS receiver voting is ideal for geographically wide area radio system using a single repeater site. In such a situation, mobile and handheld radios can receive the repeater transmission but the radios may not be able to reach the repeater. The IDAS networked receivers (where IDAS repeaters transmission is inhibited and used as receivers) are distributed to the communication area. Each receiver receives signal from a radio and transfers it to the repeater site, and the repeater compares the quality of signal and determines the best signal to relay from the repeater or to transfer to the dispatcher. The UC-FR5000 has a built-in voting function, so an external voter device is not required.

Cross-band repeater
When two organisations using the IDAS conventional IP network system on different bands, for example police uses UHF band and fire agency uses VHF band, the IDAS conventional IP network easily establishes a cross-band repeater system for monitoring all communications by each other. It is possible for each operator to broadcast to both networks.

  • HM-152
    Hand Microphone for PMR transceivers.
  • SM-25
    Desk microphone for ‘F’ mobiles
  • UC-FR5000
    The UC-FR5000 IDAS digital trunking and network controller board adds digital trunking features and IP repeater control capabilities to the digital IDAS network. This new board can work with the IC-FR5100/FR6100 IDAS repeater series, the IC-F3162 handheld series and the IC-F5062 mobile series.

  • UT-126H
    The UT-126H is the IDAS Digital unit for IC-F3162/F4162 & IC-F5062/F6062 series.
  • VE-PG3
    The VE-PG3 is a radio over IP gateway that has two primary function modes;one is the bridge mode which interconnects two or more radio over IP networks. The other mode is the converter mode which interconnects calls between connected IP phone, analogue phone and radio systems.
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