IC-F3/F4 Series

IC-F3/F4 Series
IC-F3/F4 PMR Handheld Two Way Radio (Discontinued)

Icom UK announced a family of radio products aimed squarely at the commercial market, which despite the simplest user interface, are packed with all the latest features and functionality, and offer unbeatable price performance.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-F1000/F2000 S/T versions of the VHF and UHF Commerical Transceivers product page.

Available in four modes the IC-F3/F4 series can be customised for the way you do business. The full series features:
• IC-F3S VHF (146-174 MHZ)
• IC-F4S UHF (440-470 MHZ)
• IC-F3 VHF (146-174 MHZ)
• IC-F4 UHF (440-470 MHZ)

The IC-F3/F4 series features many impressive functions, as well as being lightweight and compact in design. The series is built to a rugged construction with a one piece polycarbonate front panel, die cast frame and screw type antenna. All the radios in this series meet the American military standard MIL-STD810 which means that they are all extremely shock and dust proof.

CTCSS, DTCS encode/decode and DTMF are standard amongst the range. A 2 tone decode or 5 tone decode are available options. This can provide the user with a further variety of signalling options should they wish to do so.

Dependant on the version, the IC-F3/F4 series features 16 or 32 channels with a LCD display. This provides an added flexibility for your use.

The S versions of these radios have a minimum number of switches and buttons which allow the user simple operation. The IC-F3/F4 versions features a full keypad which is easily programmable to individual requirements.

  • Scrambler Option
  • Advanced programming capabilities via an IBM PC
  • Rugged, dependable construction
  • Selectable LCD backlight condition: off, auto or continuously on
  • Long life battery pack
  • 2-step power save function
  • Time-out timer (TOT)
  • Selectable 5-tone format
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