IC-F31GT-L/GS-L Advanced VHF low band handheld transceivers (Discontinued)

Government, army, or blue light organisations for many years have occupied the VHF low band range. However in recent years, these users have moved to other band ranges that use digital systems. This has left the band open to new users such as public utilities and transport companies. Icom now have a product to take advantage of this market opportunity. The IC-F31GT-L/GS-L (66-88MHz) VHF low band handheld inherits not only the rounded stylish design and durable construction, but also the multiple features that have made the IC-F31/41 GT/GS series a success. We are confident that this low band transceiver will satisfy those users who require a high-grade handheld transceiver.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-F3400/F4400D Digital Two Way Radio Handheld Series product page.

2 Versions Available
IC-F31GS-L VHF Low-Band transceiver, 5W, without keypad
IC-F31GT-L VHF Low-Band transceiver, 5W, with keypad

LCD Display
The LCD Display is large and easy to read. Utilising full dot matrix characters of up to 2 lines, the user can create a sentence of up to 24 characters. You can also display your own personal icons, programmed from a PC.

Man Down
The Man Down feature (optional UT-113 required) is an important safety feature for lone workers in potentially dangerous situations. Two internal option slots, not available previously on Icom commercial radios, allow you to combine optional features such as scramblers and man down facilities.

256 Memory Channels
The IC-F31GT/GS-L features 256 memory channels, which may be selected from either the keypad or the rotary knob. Each channel may be programmed either 12.5 or 25 kHz wide to allow for UK and export use and can be organised into 16 banks. Further customisation of the transceiver may be gained from eight programmable keys, each of, which can be assigned one of 27 different functions.

Ergonomic Design
The IC-F31GT/GS-L features an attractive ergonomic design. The backlit keypad is easy to use at night or under low light conditions. The body is compact and meets MIL STD grade C, D and E for shock and vibration.

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