Changes to digital PMR446 Frequency Bands in 2018

Changes to digital PMR446 Frequency Bands in 2018

The licence-free two-way radio service, PMR446, has provided leisure and business customers with a flexible, low-power two-way radio solution for short-range communications since it replaced its previous incumbent, SRBR, in 1998.

The next development of this technology was when Icom launched a licence-free digital radio, the IC-F4029SDR in 2005 offering improved audio quality, data capability and increased battery life. Well, things are about to change again.

From the 1st of January 2018, the frequency band 446.1- 446.2 MHz was designated for use by PMR446 licence free radios across Europe in line with Harmonised European Standards EN 300 296-2, EN 300 113-2 and EN 301 166-2.

The new frequencies, which follow ECC Decision (15)05, create greater capacity by extending the assigned frequency spectrum for digital and analogue equipment to 446.0 - 446.2 MHz with a channel plan based on 6.25 kHz (digital) and 12.5 kHz (analogue) spacing where the lowest carrier frequencies are 446.003125 MHz and 446.00625 MHz respectively.

Analogue (12.5 kHz Channel Spacing) Digital dPMR446 (6.25kHz Channel Spacing)
CH1 446.00625MHz CH1 446.003125MHz
CH2 446.01875MHz CH2 446.009375MHz
CH3 446.03125MHz CH3 446.015625MHz
CH4 446.04375MHz CH4 446.021875MHz
CH5 446.05625MHz CH5 446.028125MHz
CH6 446.06875MHz CH6 446.034375MHz
CH7 446.08125MHz CH7 446.040625MHz
CH8 446.09375MHz CH8 446.046875MHz
CH9 446.10625MHz CH9 446.053125MHz
CH10 446.11875MHz CH10 446.059375MHz
CH11 446.13125MHz CH11 446.065625MHz
CH12 446.14375MHz CH12 446.071875MHz
CH13 446.15625MHz CH13 446.078125MHz
CH14 446.16875MHz CH14 446.084375MHz
CH15 446.18125MHz CH15 446.090625MHz
CH16 446.19375MHz CH16 446.096875Mhz
CH17 446.103125MHz
CH18 446.109375MHz
CH19 446.115625MHz
CH20 446.121875MHz
CH21 446.128125MHz
CH22 446.134375MHz
CH23 446.140625MHz
CH24 446.146875MHz
CH25 446.153125MHz
CH26 446.159375MHz
CH27 446.165625MHz
CH28 446.171875MHz
CH29 446.178125MHz
CH30 446.184373MHz
CH31 446.190625MHz
CH32 446.196875MHz

BLUE TEXT = New analogue channel frequencies
RED TEXT = New digital channel frequencies

The digital IC-F29DR3 and analogue IC-F29SR2, IC-U20SR licence-free PMR446 radios will have this new channel allocation as standard. Previous models of PMR446 cannot be programmed to the new channel allocations.

If you have any questions about the changes in channel allocation and compatibility among our range, contact our two-way radio systems team at 01227 741741 or email

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