Corrys Ltd Supply Icom Communication Solution for The Original Mountain Marathon

Corrys Ltd Supply Icom Communication Solution for The Original Mountain Marathon

The ‘Original Mountain Marathon’ (OMM) is a two-day, double marathon event. Its competitors must navigate between checkpoints to a remote overnight camp location and return the next day carrying everything they need such as camping equipment, clothing and food on their back. The event relies on good communication to ensure the safety of the OMM team and all the runners which can be spread out over a 15 km square course.

The job of the communications team is made a little more complicated as each year the event moves location, so it is not possible to run with the same solution each time. The marathon has been testing the orienteering skills of its competitors for over 50 years in places such as Isle of Arran, Dartmoor, Peak District, Brecon Beacons and, most recently, Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park.

Andrew Neville, from the OMM communications team enlisted the help of Corrys Ltd, Blackpool as they needed comprehensive coverage of the course. Andrew said ‘After a weekend surveying, it was decided we required two sites linked by repeaters which also needed to be carried into position due to their remote location. We needed equipment that would be small, lightweight and power-efficient as they would need to run on battery power.’

Corrys supplied an Icom communication solution to cover the whole course. Two UR-FR5100 VHF repeater modules powered by battery packs installed in Pelicases which provided weather protection and easy deployment as they would fit in a rucksack for transport. These were connected via IP over a microwave link with the option to switch to 4G for backup.

Each hill team member carried an Icom IC-F1000D digital two-way VHF handheld radio. Waterproof, compact and lightweight, the radios were essential for their safety as well as the competitors as both would camp wild overnight.

The control room was also equipped with an Icom IC-F5062 VHF mobile radio. This allowed the control room to perform a radio check to ensure all communications were running. The IC-F5062 also provided a recording of the radio network for comms to be referenced later if needed.

Andrew said, ‘The whole team stayed in contact throughout the 2 days. The communications team were all impressed with the flawless coverage the Icom radio system provided and the professional installation of the equipment by Corrys Ltd.’

Based in Blackpool, Corrys Ltd has over 30 years’ experience in the radio and communications sector providing radio systems to local government sites, taxi company’s and shop watch and security schemes. They also provide radio hire solutions to the event industry in particular outdoor shows and sporting events. You can contact Ian and his team on 01253 811111 or


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