IC-FR5100/IC-FR6100 VHF/UHF Commercial Repeater Series (Discontinued)

The IC-FR5100/IC-FR6100 VHF/UHF commercial digital/analogue repeater series is the first Icom IDAS 6.25kHz digital capable repeater. It increases existing 12.5kHz channel capacity and offers easy way for organisations to migrate from analogue to digital in a cost effective, efficient way.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-FR5300/FR6300 VHF/UHF Commercial Repeater Series product page.

Two versions available
Two repeaters make up this new series of Digital/analogue repeaters. The series is divided into the IC-FR5100 for VHF and the IC-F6100 for UHF

Digital/analogue mixed mode operation
The IDAS radio (including repeater) can receive both analogue mode and digital mode signals on a single channel. You can partially introduce the IDAS digital radios, while using the existing analogue radios in a system. The IDAS system allows you to scale migration to narrow band digital at your own pace, while running your existing analogue system, a cost efficient way to obtain the next generation in two way radio technology.

Double your channel capacity
The IDAS system utilises 6.25kHz narrow channel spacing, which when in a 12.5kHz channel, doubles the channel efficiency and capacity. One channel can be used for voice and one for data communication configuration.

Digital voice for clear audio
The IDAS radio uses the AMBE+2™ codec providing crisp and clear communication and simultaneous data communication.

Selective call, group call and talk group ID
The IDAS system allows you to call individual or group users. The talk group ID shows group ID, unit ID or alias name on the display while receiving* a message. * This function is similar to the analogue mode PTT ID function, however, the IDAS radio can keep sending ID information during a voice transmission, so the receiving IDAS radio can decode the ID even when breaking into a conversation. (Late entry is possible)

Data communication
The IDAS system allows you 4800 bps* data communication. You can send a data message or GPS position data without an external data modem. *Error correction, control data, etc, will reduce number of bits available for actual data communication.

Digital voice encryption
The IDAS system provides secure communication using 15-bit key (about 32,000 keys) encryption.

RAN (Radio Access Number) for digital code squelch
The RAN code provides a digital code for accessing the IDAS repeater or digital code squelch function.

25W, 50W versions, high duty cycle operation
Employing an effective cooling fan and high performance power amplifier, the IC-FR5100/FR6100 provides a stable 50W at 50% duty operation. The IC-FR5100/FR6100 provides 25W output at 100% duty operation.

19-inch rack mount, 2U height low profile design
The IC-FR5100 series has a rack mount bracket and handles for installation in an industry standard 19-inch rack. A 2U height configuration allows you to stack multiple units in a rack.

Two RF modules in one unit
The IC-FR5100 series has an internal space for installing another RF unit, the optional UR-FR5000 series. Two RF modules can be installed in the chassis reducing installation space, while the RF modules can be programmed and operated independently.

The IC-FR5100 series detects multiple CTCSS, DTCS tone and digital RAN (Radio Access Number) code on a channel (up to 16 tones/codes on a table) and downlinks (transmits) the received signal with a specified tone. This function is useful for sharing a channel with multiple groups and provides quiet stand-by while using other groups.

5-Tone encoder/decoder
When a pre-programmed 5-tone signal is received, the IC-FR5100 series starts and/or finishes repeater operation (downlinking).

D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector
The IC-FR5100 series has a D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector for connecting external devices. An operating channel can be controlled by the input signal from the D-SUB 25-pin connector. * Analogue mode only.

Dot matrix, multi-function LCD
A dot matrix LCD is employed for the function display. Up to 12 characters can be displayed. There are 5 programmable buttons on the front panel allowing you to use the repeater as a base station.

32 memory channels
The IC-FR5100 series has 32 memory channels. Each memory channel stores a 12-character channel name, digital/analogue channel spacing, repeater/base operation etc, as well as frequency setting.

Voice scrambler
The IC-FR5100 series has a built-in inversion type* voice scrambler. The optional UT-109R/UT-110R* is available, when a more secure voice scrambler system is required. * The inversion type voice scrambler and UT-109R/UT-110R voice scrambler is for analogue mode only.

CW ID transmission function*
Own CW ID code or callsign can be sent at pre-programmed intervals. The ID code can be used for identifying the repeater. * Analogue mode transmission only. • Audio compander reduces background noise • Wide frequency coverage (136–174MHz, 400–470MHz and 450–520MHz) • High frequency stability (±0.5ppm) • PTT priority setting (Local mic, External PTT or Repeater operation) • Low voltage alert

IC-FR5100/FR6100 Additional Features
- Status call/request
- Radio check
- Call alert
- Remote radio stun/kill/revive
- Emergency call
- Call log
- Remote radio monitor ... Remotely turns on the PTT and transmits anything the microphone hears for a pre-programmed time period.
- Data call ... send and receive a data communication
- Simultaneous data call ... Send and receive a data such as GPS position information with a voice transmission
- Audio compander reduces background noise
- Wide frequency coverage (136–174MHz, 400–470MHz and 450–520MHz)
- High frequency stability (±0.5ppm)
- PTT priority setting (Local mic, External PTT or Repeater operation)
- Low voltage alert

  • Icom’s first IDAS 6.25kHz digital capable repeater
  • Digital/analogue mixed mode operation
  • 6.25kHz channel spacing, double your channel capacity!
  • Compatible with IDAS IC-F3162 handheld series and IC-F5062 mobile series
  • 19-inch rack mount, 2U height low profile design
  • Two RF modules can be installed in one unit (Optional RF module required)
  • Multiple table (16 pairs of CTCSS, DTCS, RAN setting)
  • 25W, 100% duty operation (50W, 50% duty)
  • Dot matrix display and 5 programmable buttons for Base station operation
  • Programmable D-SUB 25-PIN accessory connector
  • Built-in 5-Tone encoder/decoder
  • 2 Year warranty on repeater
  • HM-152
    Hand Microphone for PMR transceivers.
  • Licenced Two Way Radio System
    This is the general-purpose peer to peer application for all forms of licenced PMR use.
  • Licenced Two Way Radio System Linked by Repeaters
    This is the standard licenced PMR version that includes all base station and repeater functionality allowing interfaces via gateways (Telephone, IP etc).
  • SM-25
    Desk microphone for ‘F’ mobiles
  • SP-22
    Mobile extension speaker (5 watt 4 ohms)
  • UT-109R
    The Icom UT-109R 21 is a high-performance, non-rolling voice scrambler board available with up to 32 codes.

  • UT-110R
    Rolling type voice scrambler unit. 40-pin type.
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