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Are you an MPT1327 Two Way Business Radio customer? Migrate to digital with Icom/Fylde dPMR Mode 3!

Are you an MPT1327 Two Way Business Radio customer? Migrate to digital with Icom/Fylde dPMR Mode 3!

Do you own an MPT1327 trunked network system and feel that it is coming to the end of its natural life? Is the cost of maintaining your system growing each year on replacement handsets, spare parts, new accessories as well as site maintenance.

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then Icom together with Fylde Micro, can provide an efficient upgrade path for MPT1327 schemes. Together we have developed a sophisticated digital trunked network system featuring Icom IDAS digital radio and repeaters together with the Fylde MultiLingo controller. The combined system, known as dPMR Mode 3, meets ETSI dPMR European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) standards and provides a range of features which will see an improvement in an organisations’ performance and efficiency.

Migrating to the Icom/Fylde dPMR Mode 3 system will provide many benefits for MPT1327 users including 6.25kHz efficient channel spacing. dPMR Mode 3 digital radios also feature outstanding audio and superb noise cancelling properties providing clear crisp sound. Also, because of the way that they digitally transmit, it is possible that they might cover a sites blind spot. The initial Mode 3 capability will be a trunked and networked radio system ranging in size from a single site up to 16 site multi-site trunking operation, although further enhancements are planned.

The Icom/Fylde solution is unique in the fact that it will offer an immediate migration path from MPT1327 to dPMR without the requirement of any MPT1327 operation in the IDAS terminals. The Fylde controller will have the capability to encode/decode analogue MPT1327 signals to and from digital dPMR signals and vice versa. This provides the advantage of not requiring a parallel infrastructure set up to allow an MPT and the dPMR digital system to work together.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, ‘dPMR Mode 3 provides scalable, true trunking features with migration possibilities from analogue systems. Icom’s IDAS IC-FR5100 (VHF) or IC-FR6100 (UHF) repeater coupled with the Fylde Multi-Lingo controller is all you need to build systems from a single channel up to a 1000 site network. Multi-Lingo can be enabled to use digital dPMR or analogue MPT 1327. Multi-Lingo systems provide the network operator with an easy and flexible migration scheme from legacy MPT systems’.

He added, ‘Here at Icom UK, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our radio solutions, whether digital, analogue and with our high level of customer support can assist dealers and customers to find the radio solution they are looking for’.

To find an Icom dealer specialising in dPMR Mode 3 or other digital two way radio solutions, contact Icom UK Systems today on 01227 741741 or

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