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Introducing the Icom VE-PG4 Radio Gateway, Providing Seamless Multi-Protocol Connectivity

Introducing the Icom VE-PG4 Radio Gateway, Providing Seamless Multi-Protocol Connectivity

The VE-PG4 RoIP (Radio over IP) Gateway unit is designed to provide a seamless communication solution over IP Gateway linking various radio systems and protocols with LTE and IP networks. This will allow users to interconnect various communications systems without limitations imposed by distance, security or technology.

The VE-PG4 offers a range of features including:

• LTE (4G) and 3G network connection (SIM card required)
• Wireless LAN transceiver controller built-in
• Telephone interconnection with IP Phone
• IDAS Conventional and Type-D multi-site trunking connection
• Analogue radio system connection
• Voice recording function to a USB drive (USB drive required)
• External equipment, sensor connection
• VPN router function
• Half-width 1U form design

The VE-PG4 Radio Gateway functions as a bridge for radio network audio to an IP protocol (VoIP) and then interconnects between those various devices on the network. One of the great features of Icom’s VE-PG4 is its ability to integrate digital and analogue devices with SIP and analogue telephone systems as the unit has built-in RoIP, SIP gateway, IP router and IP PBX features.

Additionally, the VE-PG4 can also be used as a controller for the IP Advanced Radio System, controlling up to 50 handsets and a Remote Communicator.

Types of connections through the unit include:

• SIP Digital telephone Switch
• IP Phones
• PA System
• Analogue radio
• IP Radio System
• LTE Transceiver Systems
• Digital IDAS radio site

The number of possible applications that this unit could offer are limitless. If you are interested in the potential of this connectivity technology, watch our video overview by, clicking here!

Alternatively contact Icom UK Sales on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

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