IC-T3H (2m) Single Band VHF Handportable Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-T3H (2m) single band VHF handportable transceiver is the successor to the popular IC-T2H and contains many of its most popular features including easy operation and durable construction. Couple this with an attractive price and you have a handportable that is ideal as either a backup for the seasoned Amateur or as a perfect introductory radio to anyone new to the hobby.

What immediately strikes you about Icom's latest transceiver is the eye-catching dark olive green fascia, which really does stand out. The slim line curved casing has been ergonomically designed so that it fits comfortably in your hand. The polycarbonate front panel and aluminium die-cast chassis, used in Icom's commercial range of transceivers, will provide high reliability in the toughest conditions.

The clearly labelled white buttons of the IC-T3H provide an important contrast to the transceiver's green colour. 16 function buttons can be activated by pushing either the function key or shortcut keys. The channel selection, volume and squelch functions can be assigned to either the up/down switches or to the rotary selector.

The IC-T3H has a 5 character alphanumeric LCD which contain enough space to show a variety of functions including S-meter, output power, power save, key-lock, tone and duplex as icons. A backlit LCD allows all the screen features to be seen even in low light conditions.

The IC-T3H contains over 100 memory channels which allow you to save all your favourite frequency settings including channel name, tone, output power and repeater offset. Furthermore, one call channel provides one touch channel access for a frequently used frequency.

50 CTCSS and 104x2 DTCS tone squelch operation codes (encode and decode) provide quiet standby and allow the user repeater access. A pocket beep alerts the user of a call and a tone scan can detect the sub-audible tone in use in the receiving signals. The set also has 5 DTMF memory channels with up to 24 DTMF codes, which allows remote operation. An optional UT-108 DTMF decoder unit provides code squelch operation as well as a pager function.

Capable of providing a powerful 5.5W output with either Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery packs, the IC-T3H is supplied with a charger, rechargeable battery, belt clip, comprehensive handbook and a two-year warranty. A comprehensive list of accessories is also available.

  • Attractive slim line polycarbonate casing
  • Ideal as a back up radio for an experienced amateur.
  • A perfect radio for someone who is new to the hobby.
  • Easy to access functions
  • 107 memory channels
  • CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch
  • DTMF and pager operation
  • Durable construction
  • AD-94
    Charger adapter (for use with BC-119N/121N)
  • BC-146
    Slow drop in charger
  • BC-147A/E
    AC adapter (For BC-166. 120/240V)
  • HM-128/L
    The lightweight earphone mic. has a compact microphone with PTT switch that clips to your lapel.
  • HM-131 (L/SC)
    Speaker Microphone
  • HM-46L
    Icom Mini Speaker Microphone
  • HM-75A
    Speaker microphone with remote control
  • HS-51
    Headset with Vox/PTT (lightweight)
  • HS-94
    Headset (Ear-piece type)
  • MB-68
    Standard type belt clip
  • OPC-474
    Cloning cable, radio-to-radio.
  • OPC-478
    Cloning Cable (PC to transceiver)
  • UT-108
    Provides DTMF decode capability with code squelch and pager operation.
  • VS-1/L
    Vox/PTT switch unit for use with the HS-94, HS-95, HS-96 & HS-97.

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