IC-E90 Tri-Band FM Transceiver (Discontinued)

The IC-E90 multi-band handheld transceiver covers 50MHz, 144MHz and 430MHz bands and is equipped with a wide band receiver, which covers 0.495-999.990MHz in AM/FM/WFM modes. If that isn't enough, the IC-E90 comes as standard with a 1300mAH Li-Ion battery ideal for long operating periods and provides 5W output on all bands! All these great features are built into an ultra compact body, measuring only 58x87x29mm!

The IC-E90 is extremely compact and lightweight. Its aluminium die-cast case and chassis is designed for the most rugged environments with splash resistance to JIS 4 specifications; ideal for outdoor activities.

With 500 alphanumeric memory channels, plus 50 band edges and 5 call channels, Icom’s New DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) technology gives you flexible scanning lists. Memory channels can be organised in up to a maximum of 18 banks or 100 channels per bank. You can pick and choose the desired channels for scanning from the 500 memories.

50 CTCSS and 104 DTCS tone squelch operation codes (encode and decode) provide quiet standby and easy repeater access. A pocket beep alerts the user of a call and a tone scan can detect the sub-audible tone in use in the receiving signals, a great feature for quiet, group operations.

Simple operation is another valuable feature of the IC-E90. The backlit ten-key pad can be used to enter frequency, memory number as well as set many other features. The tuning knob can be customised for channel selection, or volume control.

The IC-E90 supports 14 types of scan for maximum receiver utilisation and ease of use:
•Full VFO scan
•Full VFO skip scan
•Program scan
•Program skip scan
•Band scan
•Band skip scan
•Full memory scan
•Full memory skip scan
•Memory bank scan (DMS)
•Memory bank skip scan
•Priority scan
•TV channel search
•CTCSS decode scan
•DTCS decode scan

  • 50MHz, 144MHz,430MHz multi band with 0.495-000.990MHz wide band receiver
  • 5W output on 50MHz, 144MHz, 430MHz
  • High power capacity, long life Li-Ion battery pack standard
  • Compact and rugged construction
  • Water resistant construction equivalent to JIS4
  • Total 550 memory channels
  • BC-02
    BC-02/II 12V 300MA Charger (BC-73E/BC-74E)
  • BC-110
    Wall charger (230V/2pin)
  • BC-139
    Desktop fast charger for IC-E90
  • BP-216
    Battery case (2 dry or alkaline cells) for IC-E90
  • BP-217
    Battery pack (Li-Ion;7.4V/1300mAh)for IC-E90
  • CP-19
    Cigarette lighter cable (DC-DC converter is built-in)
  • HM-128/L
    The lightweight earphone mic. has a compact microphone with PTT switch that clips to your lapel.
  • HM-131 (L/SC)
    Speaker Microphone
  • HM-54
    Hand held speaker microphone
  • HM-75A
    Speaker microphone with remote control
  • HS-85
    Headset with VOX/TOT/PTT (lightweight)
  • HS-94
    Headset (Ear-piece type)
  • LC-152A
    Carrying case for IC-E90 (cannot use with MB-83)
  • MB-83
    Rotating type belt clip for IC-M21 and IC-E90.
  • OPC-474
    Cloning cable, radio-to-radio.
  • OPC-478
    Cloning Cable (PC to transceiver)
  • SP-13
    Compatible with a wide range of Amateur and PMR handhelds.
  • VS-1/L
    Vox/PTT switch unit for use with the HS-94, HS-95, HS-96 & HS-97.
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