How Icom LTE/PoC Two Way Radio Can Assist Highway Maintenance

How Icom LTE/PoC Two Way Radio Can Assist Highway Maintenance

Huge government and private sector investments are spent annually on the UK transport network. Contractors to national, regional and local highway authorities operate with crews, often working around the clock to carry out planned maintenance and emergency repairs over long stretches.

Main Benefits of Icom's LTE/PoC Two Way Radio Solution

Icom has been delivering two-way radio solutions to highway maintenance authorities and contractors for many years. A recent development in its product range has been the launch of its LTE/PoC two-way radio product range that provide highway organisations and their contractors with many benefits. These include providing full duplex long-range communication using the 4G LTE network with excellent sound quality and Health & Safety functions such as Man down and lone worker which are especially important for working in this hazardous environment.

Another benefit of Icom's LTE/PoC radio solution is that it is licence free and requires no infrastructure investment. The system is incredibly simple so the system can be easily deployed to other sites/projects wherever you are in the country. There is no need to invest in repeaters, cabling or radio programming.

LTE/PoC Two Way Radio Solutions for Highway Maintenance

A variety of LTE/PoC radio products are available in the Icom range from the Icom IP503H radio handset to mobile units such as the IP501M which can be installed in a vehicle or set up as a base unit in a control room. Each product provides wide-area communication using the 4G/LTE and 3G networks. The system allows you to make individual and group calls in the same manner as a conventional two-way radio allowing contractors or staff to communicate within their groups and cross-communicate across an extended team. There is even a hybrid radio called the IP730D that can provide nationwide coverage over LTE networks but also provides conventional VHF/UHF professional radio mode (Digital/Analogue radio modes) to work locally, an ideal addition for an organisation working on highways and large infrastructure projects.

Also available is a dispatch manager called RMS-IP which allows you to monitor your team and keep in touch with your team via a PC/laptop, tablet, or smartphone (via an App). Many of the benefits of this product includes GPS tracking, voice recording, emergency alerts, the ability to send and receive text & voice messages, log call traffic & GPS history and security features such as geo-fencing.

In summary, Icom LTE/PoC two-way radios provide the following:

• Nationwide coverage over 4G/3G LTE network.
• No installation/infrastructure needed. All you need to do is issue the radios and go.
• Licence Free, so less paperwork for procurement.
• Remote monitoring of your team with Icom's RMS-IP Dispatcher.
• Get heard with fantastic audio.
• Health & safety features protecting your staff.
• Individual and group calling so you can assign a group with specific channels.

Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK, said, 'From the management of contractors to the delivery of raw materials, even the closure of parts of a motorway, it is important to have good quality communications that are both portable and provide a good range. That's where Icom LTE/PoC two-way radio comes in, providing instant, reliable communications.'

He added, 'The superior performance of Icom's LTE/PoC two-way radios makes them ideal for work on the transport network. Long battery life combined with high-quality construction makes the LTE radios from the Icom range perfect for the daily demand workers will put the radio equipment through.'

To find an Icom dealer specialising in two-way radio communication solutions for the transport and highway sector, contact Icom UK today at 01227 741741 or email

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