Licence Free Two Way Radio System

Licence Free Two Way Radio System

Icom manufactures professional, commercial-grade PMR446 licence-free handhelds for use in peer to peer operations without the need for base stations or repeaters.

An easy, simple to use out-of-the-box solution, the IC-F29SR2 provides a low cost two way radio solution. Its digital counterpart, the IC-F29DR2, provides extra channel banks, improved audio quality and security for organisations that require it.

Ideal solution for independent shops, warehouses, small organisations, small events, building sites and outdoor/camping centres who do not require an OFCOM licenced product but still want a professional solution and the well-known robust build quality of Icom.

For more details, visit our PMR446 radio Home Page.

  • IC-F27SR
    Outstanding audio quality, high performance and strong commercial build quality make the IC-F27SR the ideal licence free radio. Ideal for users in diverse areas such as construction, catering, event management, shopping centres, factories, farms as well as serious outdoor enthusiasts.
  • IC-F29DR2
    For those organisations that are looking for a simple, waterproof, licence-free, digital two way radio system with a high degree of encryption then the IC-F29DR2 digital business two way radio is the solution. Not only is this radio incredibly easy to use, it is also waterproof and has long battery life, making it very suitable for a wide range of industry and business sectors.
  • IC-F29SR2
    The IC-F29SR2 is the latest professional Licence Free Two Way Radio from Icom and retains the simplicity, functionality and build that made its predecessors so popular. The IC-F29SR2 boasts superior audio quality from the new internal speaker as well as new channels and still features the slim, compact body whilst retaining a robust, resistant to water and dust IP67 protection rating.
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