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IC-F52D/F62D Digital Two Way Radio Series. Compact, Waterproof & Advanced Features!

IC-F52D/F62D Digital Two Way Radio Series. Compact, Waterproof & Advanced Features!

Expanding Icom’s new range of IDAS digital two-way radios is the IC-F52D/F62D series, a compact, waterproof radio with advanced features.

Available in VHF (IC-F52D) and UHF (IC-F62D) , this new radio series is exceptionally compact and smaller in size than Icom’s hugely popular IC-F51/IC-F51V analogue series. It is also waterproof and dustproof and ideal for the outdoor environment of a construction site or a season of hire.

A whole host of sophisticated features means that this radio offers significant value for money. The IC-F52D/F62D series features the technical design advantages of the IC-F3400D a next-generation IDAS handheld radio series , but also offers state-of-the-art improvements, including:

• Built-in Bluetooth, voice recording, active noise cancelling functions
• Full dot-matrix display, rotary channel and volume knob for simple every-day operation
• Motion/stationary detection, man down and lone worker functions
• OTAP (Over-the-Air Programming) function easily reconfigures radios in-the-field (requires manager software)
• Intelligent battery management helps to extend the battery life (optional BC-225 charger required)
• Multiple operating modes, e.g. analogue, NXDN/dPMR digital, Upgradable to NXDN Type-D trunking, Upgradable to dPMR Mode 3 trunking
• GPS position data (Optional HM-233GP required)

The IC-F52D/F62D series is now available from authorised Icom IDAS radio dealers. To request a demonstration, contact our sales team on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

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