IP Advanced Wi-Fi Radio System

IP Advanced Wi-Fi Radio System

Utilising a wireless LAN network, the IP Advanced Radio System is a very cost-effective solution. Depending on the terrain, layout and infrastructure conventional two way radio communications may struggle to penetrate the building and not cover the whole area needed.

Using the IP100H handhelds and IP1000C communication server, this system can be implemented onto existing wireless networks/access points and are easily set up to provide the coverage needed for in-building comms. This system also benefits from being licence free and users can roam from each access point to improve coverage.

Many businesses and organisations would benefit from this type of solution such as hotels/resorts, shopping centres, restaurants, boats for on board comms, tunnels & historic buildings to name a few.

For more details visit our IP Advanced Radio Home Page .

  • IP1000C IP System Controller
    The IP1000C is the brains of Icom's advanced wireless radio system and keeps track of the radios in your network.
  • IP100FS IP PC Dispatcher
    The IP100FS is an IP based PC dispatcher that also serves as an additional radio on your network.
  • IP100H IP Radio/Handset
    Despite its size, Icom’s compact IP100H WLAN/IP radio, is a powerful radio packed with many features.

Introduction to Icom’s licence free IP advanced radio system that uses common Wi-Fi network products as its infrastructure.

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