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IP/LTE Radio FAQ's

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our new IP radio and LTE product lines.

What is Icom Simultaneous TalkListen?

Conventional two-way radios will not allow you to talk simultaneously like you can on a telephone or a mobile-phone. Being able to talk and receive at the same ...

What connector type does the IP503H use for its antenna?

The LTE antenna jack on the IP503H itself is Reverse Polarity SMA Female.

Can Icom LTE two way radios be programmed over the air?

Icom LTE radios can be programmed over the air from a remote location/service centre.

This means that adjustments can be made to the radios with minimal ...

What is OTAP?

OTAP stands for Over-The-Air-Programming and gives an organisation the facility to remotely reconfigure radios.

This allows a systems engineer to edit...

How do I manually reset the VE-PG4's IP Address if I have forgotten the current address?

You should press the hold the Mode button for approximately 5 seconds until all the lights begin flashing. Release the button. This sets the IP Address back to ...

What is the VE-PG4's default IP Address?

The VE-PG4's default IP address is

Where do I find the IC CID and IMEI numbers on the VE-PG4?

You will find them in the Web Interface: Information > LTE Status

How much recording time does the IP501H/IP503H LTE/PoC radios have?

The IP501H/IP503H LTE/PoC radios can store up to 5 recorded 1 minute messages. After that, each new message will delete the oldest message to make room for the ...

Can Icom LTE radios be programmed to my specific requirements?

Icom LTE radios can be programmed to whatever groups, contacts and emergency button functions you will need. The radios utilise Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP...

Do I need a radio licence to operate Icom LTE radios?

No. The Icom LTE radios do not use the conventional radio spectrum and therefore do not require a governing body to licence them.

4G coverage in my area is inconsistent, does this mean I cannot use the radios?

As the custom Icom SIM card is not locked to one specific network and is a roaming SIM, the radios can lock onto whatever signal is strongest, whether that is...

What kind of accessories are available for the IP501H/IP503H?

There are a number of accessories available including headsets, earpieces, cases and Bluetooth accessories that allow wireless control of the IP501H and IP503H ...

What is the difference between a regular SIM and Icom’s custom SIM card?

While a regular SIM allows you to use voice & data, it is locked to a specific carrier. The Icom custom SIM card is a roaming SIM allowing you to harness the st...

I am worried that the radios data could be used up by checking social media, private text messages etc. Should I be concerned about this?

Icom LTE radios can only be used for communication purposes and can only be contacted by other radios programmed onto the same system. The LTE radios are opera...

What type of scenarios would the Icom LTE radio system be useful for?

The LTE radio system can be used in many different scenarios offering users a complete communications package without a huge infrastructure to manage. Wide-are...

What are 3G and 4G?

You may have noticed that we talk about 3G and 4G when we are talking about our LTE radio system. So here is a concise explanation of what they are:

3G ...

How to Connect a Bluetooth device to the IP501H LTE Handset

This is relatively straightforward to do.

1. Switch the unit off.
2. Switch on holding the ‘Func’ button which will lead you into a menu.
3. Pre...

How to reset the IP501H LTE Handset to force it to reconfigure with the server.

This is very straightforward.

1. Switch the unit off.
2. Switch the unit on holding the ‘Book’ and ‘Func’ buttons together and keep them held down.

Does the IP501H/IP503H have safety features?

Yes, the IP501H/IP503H LTE radio has Priority Calling, Man-down, Lone Worker & Emergency Signalling.

Can the Icom IP501H communicate with other devices?

The IP501H and IP503H LTE radio scan be connected through Icom’s ROIP gateway to allow connections to SIP phones, analogue radios, like Aviation or Maritime and...

Can I use my own SIM cards with Icom's LTE Radio System?

No, Icom UK will supply a custom SIM card. Each SIM has its own custom configuration and will only work with an Icom UK supplied device.

How does the Icom LTE Radio system work?

A central cloud based server controls traffic. The radio gains access to the server via a secure private 4G /LTE network connection.

What is the coverage range of the Icom LTE Radio system?

A UK based customer will have coverage throughout the UK utilising EE, Vodafone and O2. As EU roaming tariffs are the same across the continent, you should hav...

What is the Icom LTE Radio system?

The Icom LTE Radio system is a private radio system that operates utilising 4G/ LTE. The LTE radio system will fall back to a 3G connection if 4G is unavailable...

What is Radio Over IP?

Radio over IP (RoIP) is an expanded version of VoIP, transmitting the radio control signals such as PTT (Push to Talk) and COR (Carrier Operated Relay) in digit...

Can the Icom IP Radio System improve customer service?

The key to better customer service in a retail/service environment is often instant communication between employees. Using the new Icom IP Advanced radio system...

Can the IP Advanced Radio system be used on both the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands?

This IP Advanced radio system can be used on both the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands with a built-in high security.

In terms of cost, how does an IP Advanced Radio System compare to ordinary two way radio systems?

If you are looking for a system where you just want push to talk from radio to radio or an all call basis this would possibly be an expensive option. If you are...

What advantages does Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System have over traditional radio?

The system has a huge amount of benefits but we see it providing further choice for the consumer alongside analogue and digital radio offerings.

There ar...

Can you describe a typical installation of an IP Advanced Radio System?

Typically there are two types of standard system. A lite version for 20 users with dispatch software and a full version with a maximum of 100 users (which can b...

What is Icom's IP Advanced Radio System?

Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System works over wireless LAN (WLAN) and IP networks. The system utilises a network controller and remote communicators/handsets and p...

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