Icom IC-M510E Forms Part of an Integrated Communication Solution for Hemsby Lifeboat

Icom IC-M510E Forms Part of an Integrated Communication Solution for Hemsby Lifeboat

The Icom IC-M510E fixed VHF/DSC radio has recently become part of an integrated communication solution for Hemsby Lifeboat, an independent charity-based search and rescue organisation based in Norfolk on the east coast of England. The rescue team run two vessels, one Atlantic 75 RIB and the other a flat-bottomed alloy utility vessel for inland waterway work. The solution was designed and installed by marine communication specialist, Dorian Marine.

The lifeboat team had a problem with poor inter-crew comms and ship-to-shore comms due to wind noise and running a two-stroke outboard. Dorian Marine proposed swapping the existing fixed radio with the Icom IC-M510E VHF/DSC Radio with a wired comms system.

Once specified and proposed, Dorian Marine visited the vessel to install it with the team. In this case, a few of the crew had a keen interest in understanding the installation process to be able to add features later. The installation involved swapping the existing VHF for an Icom IC-M510E VHF/DSC radio with channel 0 programmed along with other private channels, fitting an Icom HM-195GB COMMANDMIC and the IWCS Comm system.

During the installation, it was decided to make the vessel future install-ready by installing the comms module with extra ports to enable extra comms to be fitted later. Removing the old comms and the VHF went very well, and the installation was straightforward. The Icom was fitted to match the old location of the sailor radio and fortunately, the weather protection cover could be reused.

Once installed, it was tested with headset calls to Humber coastguard and an inter-crew duplex discussion to test the system.

Dorian Martin of Dorian Marine said, 'The Icom was the ideal choice for comms' functionality and suitability for a second station at the helm. It fitted the Atlantic 75 perfectly with the retained RNLI cover in the way of the older radio.’

He added, ‘The customer is very impressed with the Icom IC-M510E, helmet comms, speech clarity, and improved range over the old VHF radio. They can now hear each other on duplex comms and the coastguard control while at speed on a shout.'

For further information, contact Dorian Martin at +44 7874926259 or email iwcs@dorianmarine.co.uk.

For more information about Hemsby Lifeboat and the vital work they do off the Hemsby Coast and Norfolk Broads, visit the Hemsby Lifeboat Facebook Page.


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