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Icom Supply IC-M423 VHF/DSC for 'Liquid Inspiration'

Icom Supply IC-M423 VHF/DSC for 'Liquid Inspiration'

Icom have supplied its IC-M423 VHF/DSC radio to Powerboat & RIB Magazine's RIB, 'Liquid Inspiration' for a series of intense boat and product tests around the South West coast of the United Kingdom.

Hugo Montgomery-Swan, the magazine's Editor said, ‘The Icom IC-M423 VHF installed into 'Liquid Inspiration' was chosen specifically because of its known reliability and rugged construction.

He added, ‘We have been preparing for our Bristol Channel Winter Raid these past few weeks, ensuring all of the Ribeye 6m's systems are A1 and ready for what could be a very testing 4 day cruise, which is set to take in Lundy and at least 4 other islands off the South Wales coast.

The boat is performing fantastically well and my crew and I are looking forward to pushing all the equipment and ourselves beyond the normal cruising parameters. In other words what doesn't break or fail will have our endorsement in terms of reliability and suitability and we fully expect the Icom IC-M423 to perform to a very high standard.’

The IC-M423 is one Icom's next generation VHF/DSC radio with a user interface which makes driving the radio incredibly simple. This compact radio also features Active Noise Cancelling Technology that reduces background noise by 90%. The 4 day voyage commences this coming Saturday, 15th November 2014, departing from Appledore on the North Devon Coast.

Good luck to the Powerboat & RIB Magazine's RIB team

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